All classes are presently being conducted through Zoom (the State has authorized this through the end of 2020).  You can, however, book a private in-person class or zoom for your firm and any guests you wish to invite.  We are still providing classes through the Denver Metro Realtor Association, South Metro Denver Realtor Association and Pikes Peak Assocation of Realtors, so please check their education schedules for classes of interest.  We can provide classes for title companies, lenders, builders and other Realtor Associations, as well.
WHY CE?  Obtaining a license is just the start for a broker wanting to build a career in the real estate business. Pre-license training is geared toward learning the laws and regulations in effect at the time of licensure.  However, after the licenses issued the real learning begins.
Brokers who are serious about success and providing their clients the highest level of expertise will spend time and money educating themselves about a wide variety of topics to improve their product knowledge and because they never know when something they learn may come in useful.  While these classes are geared toward real estate brokers, anyone is allowed to attend them.
The Colorado Real Estate Commission requires real estate brokers to complete twenty-four hours of continuing education credit during each license renewal cycle. Except for the one-time shortened renewal cycle during which brokers move from an anniversary date license renewal to a calendar year license renewal, the state requires three Annual Commission Update classes (one in each calendar year for a total of 12 credit hours), plus 12 credit hours of electives. During the shortened renewal cycle, the state requires 
INSTRUCTOR:  Doug Barber has been providing live continuing education classes for Colorado real estate brokers since the 1980s, teaching for REALTOR® Associations, title insurance companies and individual brokerage firms around the State.  With the advent of the governmental lockdown over the Covid-19 virus, classes have moved online, predominantly taught live through the Zoom application.  While not the same as live in-class training, Zoom classes do offer opportunity for student interaction with the instructor.  This is particularly a boon to brokers in less populated parts of the state who have historically not had a lot of access to live instruction.  Also, students are welcome to call or email Doug for additional help with course materials or content if they wish.  For Doug’s bio, click here.
STATE REQUIREMENTS:  The Colorado Real Estate Commission has authorized online classes through August 31, 2020 as a satisfactory replacement for live instruction.  The requirements are that attendees must remain in the class for the entire duration, and must have video on showing them in attendance.  At the end of the class, attendees must complete and attestation form representing to the State that they met the requirements. After the instructor receives the completed attestation form, continuing education course certificates will be emailed to attendees.  Brokers are required to retain these certificates as business records for four years following completion, and produce them to the State upon request.
CLASSES & SCHEDULING:  Following is a table listing Doug’s classes that have been approved for continuing education credit by the Colorado Division of Real Estate (except as noted, all are approved (A-27) for employing broker credit).  A description of each class is included after the table.  If you see a class that you are interested in, but is not scheduled, or to schedule a class for, or to be offered through your organization, email Doug directly at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to arrange it.  If there is a class you would like to have, but is not on the list, let Doug know and he may be able to create one (approval by the State for CE credit typically requires 30 days).  Our goal is your success!
MISSING COURSE CERTIFICATES:  Colorado CE providers retain attendance lists for four years, just as students retain CE certificates for four years.  If a broker has lost a certificate, the broker can contact the provider to request another certificate.  The broker will need to know what the class name was and when they took it.  Failure to produce CE certificates to the State on demand will result in fines as follows: 1-10 credit hours missing, $250 fine. 11+ credit hours missing, $500 fine.  Missing an Annual Commission Update class will require taking 6 hours Contracts class, and 6 Hours Current Legal Issues class.


Approved Colorado Continuing Education Courses (as of 1/14/20)

Course Name
(approval expiration date)



Annual Commission Update Class (annually). All Colorado licensees must attend this class annually. Covers topics the Real Estate Commission require including legal and regulatory changes, and practice issues. We try to make it interesting and it is always relevant. Class participation brings out useful discussion. N/A 4
REALTOR® Ethics (NAR Ethics) (3/20/22) Understand the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, including practical application of its Articles through real-life examples. This very relevant class will help you improve your bottom line and avoid complaints to your REALTOR® Association and the Real Estate Commission. This course does count for REALTOR®-required ethics updates; however, we are told that some Associations have refused to accept ethics classes that they have not sponsored. Check with your Association for their policy (or get your Association to sponsor the class). In any case, it does count as elective credit for the Colorado Real Estate Commission.] 9930 4
REALTOR® Professional Standards Enforcement: Code of Ethics Enforcement and Arbitration Procedures (3/20/22) Training for REALTOR® Association Professional Standards Committee volunteers. Covers Association policies, Grievance Committee and Hearing Panel member duties and alternative dispute resolution (ombudsman and mediation). 9933 4

Agent, Transaction Broker or Confused? Brokerage Relationships in Colorado (3/20/22) In one hour, brokers will understand this most basic, but much ignored/violated area of license law, including documentation and performance. Learn how to improve the odds of getting paid. 9931 1

Colorado Sales Contracts: Line by Line (3/20/22) All your sale contract questions answered on understanding and completing contracts. 9932 4
Sale Contract Issues (3/20/22) Covers the most common issues involving contracts including objections/resolutions, due diligence documents, lead-based paint, surveys, backups, timelines and more. Get repeat and referral business by resolving these issues such that the parties close happy with the service provided by their broker. 9934 3
2019 Contract Change (10/29/21) Detailed discussion of changes in 2019 Commission-approved contract forms, including deeds, HOA docs and more. [Note: Rule A-27 was implemented in 2019, but because this class has a limited “shelf life” it was not resubmitted for separate A-27 credit. It does count as elective credit for the Colorado Real Estate Commission.] 9463 3
2020 Commission Forms Update Class (12/31/20) Detailed discussion of changes in Commission-approved contract forms for 2020. Heavy on listing contracts. 106613 2

Who Is My Client? Title Vesting Issues For Brokers (3/20/22) A content-filled hour to improve competency and avoid liability by knowing who has authority to act as your client. This class covers trusts, entities, estates/probate, divorce and more. 9936 1
Who Is My Client? Title Vesting Issues For Brokers (3/20/22) Improve competency and avoid liability by knowing who has authority to act as your client. Everything in the 1-hour class, plus understanding title insurance commitments and policies, deeds, record and off-record title review, survey/ILC, closing preparation and the care and feeding of closers. 9935 4

Conflict Resolution In Negotiation (5/2/22) Designed specifically for those in leadership positions, but totally applicable to salespeople, this class applies mediation and negotiation techniques to conflict resolution (a sales is basically a conflict between parties). Be a better broker by learning to establish rapport, work with different personality types and have smoother transactions. 10081 2
Survey Issues For Colorado Brokers (3/20/22) Helps brokers understand what a survey is, how they are done and why they should recommend them to their buyers. Topics covered include ILCs, different kinds of surveys, boundary dispute issues and more. 9929 2
Water Law For Colorado Brokers (3/20/22) This class covers sources of Colorado water, water rights versus well permits, ditches, wells, finding permit and water right information, contract and closing issues and more all designed with the Colorado broker in mind. 9927 4
Wells, Septic Systems, Propane & Water Related Rights in Colorado Contracts (3/20/22) The name of this class tells the content: prepare your contracts competently by understanding how these inclusions are properly addressed in Colorado contracts and transferred at closing. 9928 2